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Rantangan is a traditional Indonesian concept of packed meals, that offer a convenient solution to enjoying traditional Indonesian cuisine on the go. These meals combine include a variety of side dishes ranging from savoury meats and vegetables to spicy sambals (condiments) and fried snacks., providing portability, freshness, and a taste of cultural heritage in a convenient package. Ideal for busy individuals and travellers, rantangan reflects practicality without compromising on flavour or sustainability.

Tosaria has started rantangan, offering various Asian fusion cuisines to cater. A solution for busy individuals to have a hearty home-cooked meal without doing any work.


Say goodbye to dinner menus, cooking, and material shopping. Tosaria handles it all!

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 Nourishing Connections with Rantangan Family Catering Services

In the heart of Jakarta, the Susilo household was always a whirlwind of activity. Each day dawned with Nia Susilo, a dedicated homemaker and mother of two, navigating a complex tapestry of responsibilities—from preparing hearty breakfasts to ensuring her children were ready for school and her husband equipped for the day ahead. Despite her passion for cooking, the demands of daily life often left her drained, with little time left to create the nourishing family meals she cherished. Over coffee with her friend Lina, Nia shared her struggle to balance family needs with homemade meals. Lina suggested Rantangan Family Catering Services, known for delivering fresh, homemade meals in classic stacked lunch boxes filled with wholesome dishes. Intrigued, Nia visited their website and ordered a variety of meal plans, hoping for a solution.

The next day, Nia welcomed a delivery of beautifully arranged rantang filled with fragrant rendang, steamed vegetables, and jasmine rice. As her family gathered around the dinner table that night, Nia observed with delight as her children eagerly savoured their meals, their faces lighting up with each bite. It was a moment of genuine togetherness, free from the usual stress of meal preparation. As weeks passed, Rantangan became a staple in the Susilo household, giving Nia more time for family activities and personal pursuits. The service's flexibility made it ideal for busy weekdays and special occasions, fostering cherished family connections.

For Nia and other housewives, Rantangan isn't just a meal delivery service—it's a way to reclaim time, reduce stress, and cherish family moments. Discover the joy of tradition and convenience with Rantangan Family Catering Services today.

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