A La Carte Menu


Tuesday Night


Scotch fillet, chips and salad with a glass of house wine,  pot beer or soft drink

With choice of sauce:

Add 1.50 Creamy Mushroom Pepper  Beef Jus Garlic Butter

Add 4.00 Bacon and Egg  Add 8.00 Garlic Prawn


Wednesday Night


Burger and chips or Chicken Curry Laksa with a glass of house wine, pot beer or soft drink

Beef Burger

Grilled beef, cheese, cos lettuce, tomato, crisp bacon, pickles, tomato relish and mayo

Pulled Pork Burger

Smokey pulled pork shoulder, Asian slaw and chilli mayo

Lentil Burger (V)

Lentil patty, Swiss cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, relish and aioli

Popcorn Chicken Burger

Sweet corn, cos lettuce, apple slaw, carrot, mayo


Thursday Night


Chicken parma, chips and salad with a glass of house wine, pot beer or soft drink

With choice of topping:

Add 1.50 Hawaiian  Bolognaise   Add 8.00  Garlic Prawns



Toasted Sourdough    6.5

With strawberry jam, vegemite or peanut butter  

Eggs of Your Choice   8

Scrambled, fried or poached on sourdough  

Value Breakfast   14.9

With eggs of your choice, bacon, tomato, mushroom, spinach on sourdough  

Banana Bread   7.9

With maple syrup butter  

French Toast   14.5

Strawberry, yoghurt, blueberries, orange and orange syrup and matcha toasted coconut 

Waffle   11.9

With banana brulee, ice cream & honey  

Zucchini Fritters   15.9

Poached eggs, romesco, mushrooms & dressed rocket  

Sausage Scrambled Eggs   16

With tomato sugo, spinach & feta  

Pulled Pork Brekky Burger   14.5

With fried egg, apple slaw and tomato relish  

Add bacon   4

Salmon Omelette   18.9

With zucchini, corn & curd dressing  

Tosaria’s Big Benedict   16.5  

Poached eggs, sautéed spinach, bacon, hash brown & hollandaise  

Smoked Salmon Benedict   18

Poached eggs, sautéed spinach & hollandaise  

Fried Eggs and Bacon on Sourdough   9.9

Eggs and Bacon Roll   10.9

With cheese and tomato  

Big Breakfast   20.9

With eggs of choice on sourdough, and any 5 items from extras  

Kids Pancake

With vanilla ice cream and maple syrup   6.9


egg | sautéed spinach | tomato   3

mushroom | hash brown   3.5

bacon | house made baked beans | avocado   4

sausage | smoked salmon   4.5

(Gluten Free Bread Add 1.8)



Garlic and Cheese Bread (V)   6.9

Assorted Dips
with pita bread (V)   13.9


Zucchini Fritters, romesco, mushrooms & rocket (V)   13.9

Pumpkin Arancini
, roasted capsicum sauce and parmesan (V)   11.9

Chicken Satay, acar, peanut sauce   13.9


Fried Chicken Bites, with sesame sauce   13.9

Spiced Lamb Ribs
, radish and minted yoghurt (GF)   14.9

Lemon Pepper Calamari
, romesco, rocket and toasted almonds (GF)   14.9


Chicken Gyoza, with kikkoman soy   12


Tempura Prawn, with chilli mayo   12



 Caesar Salad   14.9

Cos lettuce, bacon, poached egg, croutons, parmigiana reggiano finished with Caesar dressing

  • Add 6.00 – with chicken tenderloin ● Add 8.00 – with smoked salmon Add 10.00 – with prawns

Lamb Salad   21.9

Grilled lamb, cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, feta, beetroot, rocket, sesame soy dressing and sweet potato crisps  

Spicy Thai Beef Salad   19.9

Mixed salad, Asian herbs, carrot, tomato, red onion, Thai dressing and roasted rice  

Eggplant Salad (V)   17.9

Eggplant, cos, chickpea, cucumber, red onion, fried pita bread, sweet corn, sumac, tomato, yoghurt dressing






Penne Napolitana (V)   17.9

Vegetables, basil and parmesan

Spaghetti Bolognese   19.9

Topped with shaved parmesan  

Linguine Frutti Di Mare   29.9

King and tiger prawns, mussels, calamari, cherry tomato, red onion, garlic, chilli, rocket, olive oil, white wine

Penne Salmone   24.9

Smoked salmon, avocado, garlic, onion, mushrooms, light cream sauce

Jambalaya (GF)   32.9

Rice cooked in saffron crustacean stock with tiger prawns, calamari, mussels, sausage & chicken



300g Porterhouse   31.9

250g Scotch Fillet   32.9

Our steaks are served with garden salad and beer battered chips

Choice of sauces: Peppercorn, mushroom and red wine jus

Please allow minimum 20 mins for well-done steaks



BBQ Pork Ribs   27.9

 Apple slaw, beer battered chips

Lamb Backstrap (cooked medium rare) (GF)  30.9

Mashed potato, selected vegetables, caramelized onion and jus

Beef Burger   19.9

Melted cheese, cos, tomato, crispy bacon, pickles, smoked tomato relish, chips

Beef Rendang (Spicy) (GF)   24.9

Indonesian beef curry with jasmine rice and pickled vegetables

Manu’s Butter Chicken   23.9

Yellow rice, pappadum, garden salad

Nasi Goreng (Spicy) (Vegetarian option)   24.9

Our signature dish, fried rice with grilled chicken and fried egg

Stir Fry Hokkien Noodle (Vegetarian option)  23.9

With beef and Asian vegetables

Indonesian Fried Beef   23.9

Indonesian inspired marinated fried beef, yellow rice and salad

Tosaria Chicken   23.9

Grilled marinated chicken thigh fillet with peanut sauce, rice, salad

Chicken Parmigiana   24.9

Virginian ham, napoli sauce, blended cheese, chips, salad

Eggplant Parma (V)   22.9

Baked crumbed eggplant with spinach, tomato, napolitana sauce, parmesan, chips and salad

Beer Battered Fish and Chips   23.9

Flathead fish, tartare sauce, chips, salad

Lemon Pepper Calamari   25.9

Romesco, lemon, chips, aioli, crisp salad

Garlic or Chilli Prawns (GF)   31.9

Pan seared tiger prawns, garlic, white wine sauce, rice, salad

Grilled Salmon (cooked medium rare) (GF)  28.5

Lemon and pepper sauce, selected vegetables, mashed potato


  • Jasmine Rice 3 ●   Beer Battered Chips 6.5   ●   Mashed Potato 6.5  
  • Garden Salad 6.5 ●   Steamed Vegetables 6.5  


KIDS MENU – 10.9

(For kids under 12 years old)

Penne Napoli

Spaghetti Bolognese

Chicken Parma or Schnitzel with Chips and Salad

Fish with Chips and Salad



Chocolate Lava Cake   14.9

Served warm with ice cream, pistachio dust and a drizzle of orange honey

Sticky Date Pudding   12.9  

With honeycomb and vanilla ice cream, topped with butterscotch sauce

Crème Brûlée   12.9

Topped with orange segments and biscotti

Lemon Meringue Tart   11.9

Served with cream, pistachio dust and strawberries

Affogato   11.9

Espresso, vanilla ice cream, biscotti and Frangelico or Kahlua

Black Rice Pudding (GF)   11.9

Served with banana, strawberries, shredded coconut, ice cream 

Waffle   11.9

Served with butterscotch sauce, strawberries and rum & raisin ice cream

Tosaria Ice Cream – 2 Scoops   9.5

Homemade ice cream with rum, crushed peanuts, pistachios and sultanas